This is what we do

Reduce toxic emissions and unburned particles resulting from bad combustion with DCarbon technology


We offer a service of pollution emission test 4-5 gas for gasoline engines on 2 times and 4 times cycle engines, and an opacity test for diesel engine at a competitive price! Call us!

We are open to any business cooperation for a technologic transfer on the market with a distributor or on the assembly line with car and trucks assemblers, combining our expertise, our technology adapted with any type of engine and all new internal combustion engine to make it more efficient.

We are searching for franchise who are interested in our brand value with licenses, as example; used car dealers, industrial security market, engines manufacturer, green funds, contact us for an investment opportunity who can change the world being a transition product who can be effective now.

We also have a team who is managing our carbon credit.


That is to say that the emissions that cause serious health problems for humans and which are caused by the incomplete burning of fuels while producing HC (unburned hydrocarbons), CO (carbon monoxide) and NOx (nitrogen oxides) are reduced or completely removed at the exhaust pipes of the engine vehicles by the improvement of the fuels combustion produced by DCarbon.

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