What is the DCarbon product?

DCarbon is a wave generator designed to optimize the combustion of fuels, reducing toxic emissions, improve engine efficiency, ensure a permanent self-cleaning of the internal parts of engines and their subsystems such injectors, cylinders, pistons, valves, oxygen sensors, the turbo, the catalysts and the muffler.

What is the operation mode of the DCarbon product?

DCarbon generates and radiates a specific frequency continuously directed by the antennas. These waves are extremely stable and do not interfere with the mechanical, electronic or electrical. A field is created as a harmonic the resonance frequency of hydrogen bonds in the fuel, thereby improving energy content, thus enabling the improvement of the combustion efficiency.

Does the product DCarbon is difficult to install?

The product DCarbon is very easy to install, follow the user guide and appropriate video.

Is this product dangerous for my engine?

NO. DCarbon device will help your engine stay clean internally. Your candles and your many oxygen sensors will stay cleaner and will yield better returns in terms of combustion. This efficiency will result as cleaner injectors, pistons, cylinders, valves, oxygen sensors, turbo and also the entire exhaust system.

What is the environmental contribution of DCarbon?

The DCarbon product contribution is about the ENVIRONMENTAL short and long term performance of your engine. In fact it is a very profitable investment based on his lifetime of more than 10 years as it can accompany you on several vehicles and extend sustainable living. Therefore, this product has a unique ENVIRONMENTAL contribution both at the protection of exhaustible resources as its contribution to the AIR QUALITY, it is contributing also to the health of the planet and humans in general.

The indicator light is open when my engine is in operation and close when my engine is off. Is this normal?

Yes, this is normal and safe. This is done to protect the battery when the vehicle is not running for a long period of time.

DCarbon can void my warranty?

No. There is no mechanical changes to do to install the device.